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Reading, Math And Learning Games For First Grade Kids
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Reading, Math And Learning Games For First Grade Kids

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Η χαμηλότερη τιμή: $6.99 — Ημ/νία κυκλοφορίας: 12/07/2016


First Grade Learning Bag is a delightful combination of apps which can make your first graders learning experience a complete fun.

It covers both English Language and Math giving your child a complete guidance in an engaging way.

Covers - Phonics, Sight Words with Addition, Subtraction, Time, Measurement, Data Handling and all other Math Concepts.

This App is designed specifically for advanced readers. It works like an interactive book with lots of fun.

The concept of long vowel sounds with silent “e” as tap becomes tape has been taught very clearly. With this app child will no longer be confused between sounds and their relation to words.

Blends and Digraphs sounds are introduced with more than 200 words.

Spelling activity has also been provided to reinforce what has been learnt.

Report is there for parents to track the child’s learning.

Phonic Specific Stories are there to turn kids into confident readers.

Much acclaimed for its straight forward method of teaching.


1.Flash Cards – Kids are introduced to the words one at a time. Words are spoken aloud for the kid to listen and say them.

2.Memory Match – Classic Memory Match game but with sight words.

3.Bingo – Find the words – helps in fast recognition if words.

4.Concentration—Sight word concentration cards. Words are written on two cards, shuffled and lay face down to play.

5.Spell Words – Spell sight words to master them.

6.Read Sentences – This gives the kids opportunities to read the sight words as they find them in daily life.

In the process of learning child also nurtures a garden where they grow flowers and fruits.

Covers all the 5 Dolch Sight Words Lists with more than 300 words. Your own List can also be created according to child’s needs.


This app covers the Montessori Maths Common Core Curriculum Standard for First Grade in more than 30 chapters and concepts. There are six main Sections - Numbers Fun, Addition, Subtraction, Time, Measurement and Shapes and Data. All the sections are further divided into chapters to cover each and every topic in depth and give enough practice to the child. Child's progress is tracked which can be seen using reports. To encourage kids, coins are awarded for their performance which they can use to collect rewards.
Spoken instructions are given to guide the child
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